The company RINAS L.T.D. was established in 1971 by Mr. GEORGE RINAS and Mr. EVANGELOS RINAS and is based in Kokkinos Mylos, Aharnai (Athens), in privately-owned building with a total surface of 1500m2. The company operates in the woven clothing for women sector, and its main scope (mission) is to meet all demands of the modern Greek woman, providing elegant patterns, top quality, comfort, full colour range and large sizes at affordable prices.

After 51 years of continuously ascending course, the company RINAS L.T.D., managed to become one of the top companies in the Greek market, in the woven clothing form women sector and build a relationship of trust and appreciation with the clients.The company has deployed a highly organizes sales network not only throughout Greece but also abroad (Cyprus, Germany) ; hence our products are easily accessible at selected stores in more than 400 points of sale.

All raw materials (yarns/threads) used are exclusively of Italian origin and the personnel is highly specialized and perfectly trained and strictly observed the high quality standards set by the company. Quality is considered one of the most significant comparative advantages. The company invests on special collaborators which conduct research on new products and their reactions (dye, strength etc.) and on new technologies, aiming at a constant enhancement of quality in the interests of the client.

Finally, the company excels in design innovations, which is in integral relation to the increased needs and desires of today's demanding women.

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since 1971